This video is a production of the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC It is meant to be a starting point for discussions about #encryption, #privacy, and #cybersecurity.

We take the extent to which we depend on data for granted at our own peril. Cybersecurity is a perpetual struggle that can never be completely won. Threats can be mitigated and systems can be secured to as well as possible, but anything online will never be completely secure.

The 21st-century world is highly interconnected and trust in the systems that connect us are essential for modern society to function. Our economies, businesses, societies all run on the ebb and flow of digital information. The trust that information goes where it should without being disrupted by those who want to abuse it is essential. A wide range of tools is deployed in the ongoing struggle to maintain trust and security. Stronger encryption and passwords, data access protocols and other security measures are now common, as are widespread and highly publicized data breaches.

Security experts widely agree that strong encryption is a cornerstone of securing data flows. However, many in the law enforcement community claim that unbreakable encryption inhibits their ability to do their jobs. The battle between Apple and the FBI has propelled this conflict to the limelight. The FBI believes that strong encryption without backdoors for law enforcement will leave the country and its citizens vulnerable to attack while most tech experts and digital rights advocates argue that allowing for a backdoor weakens the entire system and people’s privacy, and any backdoor will necessarily eventually be exploited by bad actors.

This video examines these issues and is meant to foster conversations about them.

Produced by David Vyorst & Paul Brigner
Directed by David Vyorst
Edited by Adrian Muys & Paul Brigner
Animation & Graphics by Sareen Hairabedian

Paul Brigner
Gary Griffin
Kevin Barbour

Funding Provided by The Internet Society

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