The Internet Policy Forum

The Internet Policy Forum is an initiative undertaken by the Washington DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) to provide a continuing and sustainable forum for a discourse concerning the key issues confronting the Internet.

The IPF Vision

  • An Online Engagement Platform that will generate current content including policy papers, research, and blog posts.
  • Signature Conferences – The IPF will facilitate The Internet Governance Forum USA (IGF-USA) and create an annual Internet Policy Forum USA (IPF-USA).
  • Monthly Events – One-panel discussion, one live and interactive online event, and one social event every month.
  • Global Engagement Open to all Internet Society members worldwide and built on mass affiliations with partner organizations.


The Greater Washington D.C. Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC) is a membership organization that seeks to further the mission of the Internet Society (ISOC) in the District-Maryland-Northern Virginia metropolitan area by serving as a hub for education and discussion concerning the important issues confronting the future of the Internet.

Since ISOC-DC’S reformation in 2010, we have earned a global reputation for excellence in our programs. The Internet Policy Forum represents the logical next step in creating the structure to facilitate ISOC-DC’s growth while enabling the expansion of our community Internet policy related endeavors. Recent events and videos of our events can be found at http://www.isoc-dc.org/isoc-dc-tv/.